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Occupational Therapy Services

Occupational therapy offers a distinct rehabilitation method, utilizing daily activities to restore patients’ occupational skills lost to aging, injury, or extended hospitalization.

We tailor our therapy approach by conducting a thorough assessment of individual needs to determine the most suitable course of care and provide the necessary intervention for each specific requirement.

Occupational Therapy Eligibility Criteria

To provide insight into how Occupational Therapy can be beneficial, the following indicators can help determine if you or your loved one may benefit from occupational assistance:

Activities of Daily Living

These indicators offer insight into the potential need for occupational therapy services.

Upper Extremity Functionality

Visual/Perceptual Defects

Sensory Deficits:

Occupational therapy gradually reintroduces clients to daily tasks, increasing in complexity as they progress and master each task. Various interventions will be employed, with clients closely monitored and supervised by our therapists and other providers. Regular feedback will be provided to help clients understand the therapy process.

Occupational therapy at Right choice Care LLC. is concerned with:

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